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About Tros Yr Afon

Tros Yr Afon was built in 1834 and was originally a manor house and farm buildings all set around a pretty courtyard. The outbuildings were converted into dwellings during the 1980s, each one taking on the name of its previous function. The cottages are all very different to one another in layout but all have the very thick stone walls typical of old Welsh farmhouses. Ty Mawr, the Manor House is grand and spacious where the cottages are more rustic and cosy.

The grounds at Tros Yr Afon amount to six acres in all. We are fortunate enough to have ‘Richie Bach’ helping out in our gardens. Having come to Tros Yr Afon as a teenager in 1943 he has a tale or two to tell about the place. There are a pair of gum trees planted by his own fair hands back in 1951 that are still going strong today. There is something to suit everyone from the more formal garden of Ty Mawr to the huge mown field that’s available to all of our guests and is perfect for a summer’s evening game of cricket.  Most of the cottages have their own private gardens but there are also the bluebell woods to explore and a large trampoline. We also have a tennis court for everyone’s enjoyment. Whilst it’s not Wimbledon, it is great fun for a knock-around. The protruding tree roots certainly add to the unpredictability of the game!

With such a variety of habitats, Tros Yr Afon attracts a great deal of wildlife and is a great spot for keen bird-watchers to enjoy their time on Anglesey. We have frequent sightings of buzzards here and the sound of woodpeckers coming from the woods is a regular joy. Not only are we spoilt with rare birds but we are lucky enough to have had a couple of red squirrel sightings.

There is plenty to do and see locally in Penmon. Just beside Tros Yr Afon is a public footpath which leads up to Aberlleiniog Castle. The ruins are fascinating and a superb place for children to play kings and knights. There are many local beaches and a short drive away is Penmon Point where you can visit the old monks’ priory and dovecote en-route. Down at Penmon Point is the famous chiming lighthouse and a view straight across to Puffin Island and its stunning wildlife. It is a very special place to visit even in the depths of winter.

Only a mile away from Tros Yr Afon and you can be in Beaumaris, affectionately known as ‘the jewel in the crown of Anglesey’. In Beaumaris there is an abundance of restaurants, cafes, pubs and fabulous shops and boutiques. Many of the businesses in the town have won prestigious Anglesey Tourism Awards and have become destinations in their own right.